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What our customers are saying ...

“I had intense pain in my in my digestive area and I was told by medical professionals that I needed exploratory surgery because they could not find out what was wrong with me. A friend told me about Nancy and the ZYTO scans. My pancreas and insulin came up and within one week I had significantly less pain and within three visits and following the suggestions made for modifying my diet, I no longer feel any pain. On another note, I have always experience a problem with anger management and found out through these visits that I don’t produce enough serotonin. It’s honestly changed my life. I don’t know how else to say it, close friends and family have said that there has been an immense change in my mood. I’m so happy to have met Nancy and so happy I decided to get the Zyto scan.”    -Sergio M.

"Earlier this year my allergies were SO bad, I was miserable. I was at the point where no medicine would help and I just about made a doctors appointment to get an allergy test done so I could find the root of this problem. I had a friend (who’s allergies are worst than mine) who told me to consider seeing Nancy about the ZYTO scan. She raved about how awesome it was and how she hasn’t had any problems since her scan. I was definitely skeptical but decided to get it done. Nancy was so gracious to work around my schedule and get me in for a scan. I didn’t tell her about any other problems I was having, just came in for allergies. The scan picked up on my issues: ear ache, anxiety, & not sleeping well, etc... I didn’t mention any of that prior to the scan, how cool?! I’ve seen a tremendous difference. Like I’m allergic to cedar and work around an area where there are a ton, I rarely sneeze and haven’t had any reactions to it. Give it a try and I promise you won’t be disappointed! The scan can help with any kind of issues not just allergies!" - Kerri W.  

"I can only say, Nancy has helped my physical, mental, and spiritual health since the day she first scanned me. I am so glad my daughter paid for my first session. I can't say enough good things about my progress. I recommend her highly, and am constantly blown away by her kindness and generosity." 

-Jackie G.

"How has ZYTO helped me?

- Hot flashes and night sweats - GONE

- Pet Allergies - GONE


- Dry mouth due to Sjogrens (auto-immune) - GONE

My husband was so impressed with the obvious improvements he witnessed in me that he started ZYTO and wouldn’t dare miss a month. His chest pains due to stress and anxiety completely go away with ZYTO. By the time his month is up - he can tell it in his chest and is ready for another scan.

I don’t fully get it, but I do believe it works. I was diagnosed with multiple auto-immune conditions 5 years ago. I did not go to the doctor a single time in 2018 for any type of auto-immune flare."  - Tammy F.  

"I had always been amazingly healthy as a kid and teenager, but when I was 18, I went to Panama for two months on a mission trip and everything changed with my health. I had taken a round of vaccines for jungle diseases before going, and then while there I became severely sick with multiple infections and was emergency flighted back to the states. I was sick for another 6 months and had a limited diet, and ever since I have battled with low immunity and worsened allergies. They got much worse about a year ago from stress, and I couldn’t leave the house without my arms and feet becoming covered in rashes! The only thing that helped was essential oils topically & trying to better my diet. I went to Nancy to try this out, and my scans were all over the place with my issues. But in only two treatments not only was everything normalizing but my rashes were GONE. It has been a little under a year now of ZYTO and I’ve never felt more level with my health & allergies! I am even able to eat honey now which I became extremely allergic to over the past few years. I would encourage anyone who’s skeptical to at least try a couple sessions- when your health is on the line, it can only help to see what works! And this works!!"  - Hannah H. 

“My 11 year old daughter is 15 months into remission from ALL leukemia. I decided to take her to Nancy Reed to check on her organs from the chemo that she's forced by the state to take. Nancy's scan spoke volumes about her personality, possible emotional imbalances that she has a tendency toward as well as her overall health and wellbeing. Her daddy and I were floored at the accuracy! Her scan came during her once monthly 5 day pulse of steroids that is typically very rough on her emotions and her body. This was the best, most smooth pulse yet! She was normal the whole way through and had no muscle aches when she was coming off of them. I highly recommend everyone go see Nancy, you won't regret it!” – Robin J, (Denison, TX)

“Last month I had come to a point where after any meal I ate my abdomen hurt. I was also noticing that I was VERY quick to pop off in my anger. I made an appointment with Nancy for Zyto and, sure enough, there were things showing in my digestion. A few days later, I called Nancy after having the epiphany that I had not had abdominal pain at all. I also noticed I had been much more productive & motivated in my day to day life and my business!” A.P., (Denison, TX)

“My scan showed my serotonin levels were off. Nancy ask me if I was having trouble sleeping. I told her I can get to sleep I just don’t stay asleep. Since then I have woken up 3 nights and went right back to sleep! Love that I am not waking up tired! In addition, I have great improvement in my overall health; feeling better, and my energy is improved.” Thank you Nancy! 

 - Larissa N, (Sherman, TX)

”I have had a long history of not being able to make it through the day without smoking marijuana. When I started ZYTO Scans, I immediately noticed my desire simply drifting away and I’m happy to say I am complete sober! Also, for many years I had an eating disorder and suffered from anorexia. When I became pregnant, eating was almost impossible. Nancy suggested I do an EVOX and after one session I began eating normally for the first time in my life!”   - MM (Sherman, TX)

“Many of you have heard of the fires in California, I actually live in the city where the fire came from and was exposed to extremely high amounts of smoke. After being breathing smoke for so long I got a terrible sinus infection and woke up with only 10% hearing in one ear. Well one simple ZYTO session later and in one day and I was fully recovered from it and my hearing was perfectly normal. Amazing!” – K.R, (Redding, CA)

“My debilitating hot flashes completely stopped after 3 to 4 scans.” 

 – JP (Denison, TX)

“I had a painful muscle and knot in my shoulder, arm, and hand; not uncommon for a massage therapist. ZYTO not only pin-pointed the exact muscles, it found a balancer that reduced inflammation and pain within 24 hours.” – Jessica N., (Atoka, OK)

"I went to Nancy to get scanned for my allergies because I could literally barely function they were so bad. I was taking allergy medications and taking them as often as I could with no relief.  I reached out to Nancy because I know so many people who love Zyto and I just wanted it to stop so I was willing to try anything. Since then I haven’t had an issue. It’s crazy how simple it is but it just works. I recommend Zyto especially if you’re going to Nancy because she genuinely cares and wants to see you through whatever issue."  - Destiny M. (Denison, TX) 

“After my scan, I noticed I was sleeping more soundly, dreaming for the first time in years, and waking up feeling more rested.” – Mandi F, (Durant, OK)

“My nose was so stopped up and I couldn’t taste anything. ZYTO detected an overload of Clorox in my system that I had been cleaning with the day before. Within 1 hour I was breathing clearly and I could taste again!”

 - Kimmy H. (Pottsboro, TX)

My personal testimony: "I had Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and was in extreme pain. After months of research I found that there is no cure and that Physical Therapists trained in this area are extremely hard to find, extremely expensive, and can give only some relief at best. I scanned the “Hip and Torso” area muscles with the ZYTO software, found balancers to relax those muscles, and within days, I was pain free. Several scans later and the Pelvic Floor Dysfunction is completely gone! Oh yes, and 12 years of hot flashes … gone too!" 

- Nancy Reed   


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Disclaimer: R&P Wellness Consulting and the ZYTO software is not intended to be used in the diagnosis, cure, treatment, mitigation, or prevention of any disease or medical condition. The diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions should only be undertaken by qualified medical professionals. ZYTO professional software, including Balance, Select, Elite, and EVOX, provides general wellness, including information about biological coherence, and should not be used without the involvement of certified healthcare professionals.  

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