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Out of our area?  See info at the bottom of this page.

My home office is nestled in the woods on the west side of Denison, TX at 4110 W FM 120, Denison, TX 75020.  

We are having difficulty with all GPS's but are continually trying to fix that.  Until then, please refer to the turn-by-turn 

directions below this map and call 903-271-4934 if you have any troubles.  


Directions to R&P Wellness Consulting

4110 W FM 120, Denison, TX 75020

From I-75 and FM 120 (Exit 69, Morton Street - near the Denison Walmart), head west on FM 120 as if you were going towards Pottsboro.  Go 1 mile until you reach Highway 131, do not turn left, but MAKE A U-TURN.  After making the U-turn, immediately get in the right-hand shoulder, go a little past the speed limit sign to a gravel driveway and turn right, there is no sign or mailbox so watch carefully!  You will see a pond on your left, go to the top of the hill and veer to the left at the fork in the road, which will take you our parking area.  Our dogs are super sweet but cautious. Call or text me when you get here at 903-271-4943; I’ll meet you and walk you to my office. 



No worries!  Consulting Services are available over the phone (no cost for initial phone consultation), Zyto Scans can be conducted anywhere in the world via computers, and products can be shipped.  

CONTACT ME for information on out-of-area services. 


McKinney, TX - 40 - 45 minutes // Anna, TX - 25 minutes // Sherman, TX - 10 minutes // Melissa, TX 35 minutes 

Dallas, TX - 1 to 1 1/2 hours // Durant, OK - 30 - 35 minutes // Ft Worth, TX - 1 1/2 hours

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