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100% Organic and Third Party tested 


You take good care of yourself, so why do you still feel run down, have mental fogginess, and constantly guard against illness?  Despite our “advanced” healthcare system, disease, obesity, and anxiety are on the rise.  5 out of 6 Americans die of heart disease or cancer and diabetes has tripled in the past ten years. 


What’s going on? Did you know that broccoli contains 2/3 less calcium than it did only 50 years earlier?  To get the same nutrition as your grandparents you would need to consume up to three times more! The alarming fact is that food like fruits, vegetables, grains, and even livestock are now being raised on land that no longer contains enough needed minerals and is starving us, no matter how much of them we eat. It appears that blame lies with the cultivation of commercial crop varieties that promote high yield and pest resistant plants. When seeds are cultivated to develop a certain trait in the plant (such as yield), other traits may suffer (such as nutrient content). 


Eating organic can increase the nutritional profile dramatically but organic certification can be bought, is no longer trusted 100%, and the longer that organic produce sits on the shelf, the more nutrients it loses.  Don’t get me wrong, I encourage you to buy organic to get the best you can and avoid genetically modified (fake food) and pesticides, but we just can’t count on our current food supply to provide the nutrients we need.   


WHAT IS SUPERFOOD?  Superfoods are natural, nutrient-dense compounds that contain high concentrations of essential nutrients with proven health benefits. They’re high in vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids, probiotics, and antioxidants... just to name a few! They can be found in all parts of the world and have been studied extensively.  Superfood normally consists of raw berries, fruits, roots, greens, etc … in one concentrated synergistic blend and are naturally loaded with antioxidants, polyphenols, polysaccharides, bioflavonoids, enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. I only source Superfood blends that are pure ingredients and are carefully selected and sourced from the highest quality organic sources.

HOW DO I TAKE IT?  Start with 2 teaspoons, once a day, for several days.  If you feel like you are detoxing (fatigued, a little achy), increase your water intake to flush out toxins for about a week.  Then increase to 4 teaspoons (or 1 1/3 tablespoons).  

Superfood comes in a green powder.  Taken earlier in the day, it will supercharge your body for a busy day.  When combined with fruit (frozen or with ice) it makes a great smoothie.  For children or if you have a sweet tooth, add a little stevia, monk fruit, honey, etc…

HOW MUCH IS IT?  Per person, the cost is approximately $35 per month.  In most cases, that is half of the price of other superfoods that may not be as pure. Depending on weight, children will take a lower dose decreasing those costs per person. Superfoods are far superior to store bought, laboratory made, multi-vitamins so you will be saving a fortune if you buy those. There is a discount for larger amounts so be sure to ask about that!




Containing over 90 nutrients and 46 antioxidants, Moringa is one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet.  It has 700% more Vitamin C than oranges, 400% more beta-carotene than carrots, 300% more iron than spinach, 400% more calcium than milk, and 300% more potassium than bananas. Moringa is my #1 go-to for Arthritis!  It provides energy and metal clarity, balances hormones, strengthens the immune system, is great for skin and aging, and balancing glucose levels.



A potent antioxidant and nutritional powerhouse, Turmeric / Curcumin is well known for its ability to reduce inflammation, supports bone health, joint pain and health, supports a healthy digestive system, brain function, cardiovascular system, and liver function. Of note, Turmeric is very difficult for our bodies to absorb on its own. When combined with Ginger Root (below), gingerols work synergistically to increase the absorption and retention of Turmeric in the body.


Ginger Root:

Ginger supports a healthy gastrointestinal tract and is used for motion sickness, nausea, vertigo, and can help prevent ulcers. Helps with inflammation and over exertion of joints and muscles.  Ginger has lymph cleansing properties, supports healthy kidney function, cardiovascular health, blood pressure and blood sugar levels. It is antiviral/antimicrobial and helps to eliminate congestion.



Baobab fruit is highly nutritious and a source of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, and C, Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, Manganese, Zinc, Phosphorus, Iron, protein, and dietary fiber. It contains six times the Vitamin C found in oranges, three times the iron found in spinach, three times the antioxidants found in blueberries, three times the calcium found in milk, and six times the potassium found in bananas. Baobab fruit also contains all eight essential amino acids.


Goji Berry Extract:

Another nutritional powerhouse, Goji berries support a healthy aging process, a healthy immune system response, a healthy liver, healthy blood and promote cardiovascular health, supports eye health, healthy blood pressure and blood sugar levels, and supports a healthy glandular system and kidney function.


Noni Fruit:

Noni is a source of antioxidants, polysaccharides, vitamins, and minerals that support a healthy immune response. Contains 17 of the 20 known amino acids, including all nine essential amino acids.


Mangosteen Fruit:

Supports cardiovascular health, body temperature, healthy mood, skin health, healthy joints, pain response, nourishing the brain and nervous system, inflammation, gums, and strengthens the immune system.


Maca Root:

Supports mental health and focus, increases physical stamina, energy and strength, healthy blood sugar levels, adrenal health, help feed & nourish the endocrine system, and supports a healthy liver



Unparalleled spectrum of powerful antioxidants, polyphenols, tannic acids, and bioflavonoids. Amla also contains amino acids, trace minerals, and other beneficial phytonutrients.



Raw Spirulina powder is considered a complete protein because well over half of it consists of amino acids -- the building blocks of protein. It is also a source of other nutrients, including B complex vitamins, beta-carotene, vitamin E, carotenoids, manganese, zinc, copper, iron, selenium, and gamma-linolenic acid (an essential fatty acid).


Pomegranate Juice:

Supports bone health, healthy bowels, prostate health, healthy inflammation response, blood pressure levels, strong antioxidant, dental health, overall cardiovascular health.


Sea Buckthorn Juice:

Sea Buckthorn Berries contain more than 190 biologically active compounds, including: Vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D, K, and P, Omega 3, 6, 7 & 9 (Essential Fatty Acids or EFAs), Amino Acid, Folate (also known as vitamin B9 & natural folic acid), Tocopherols, Flavonoids, Phenols, Terpenes, Tannins, 20 Mineral Elements.


Chlorella - Thin Cell Wall:

Known as one of the leading detoxifiers. May support healthy weight loss, natural breath freshener, strengthens the immune system, provides “good bacteria” and improves digestion, maintains a healthy PH level, and contains antiviral properties.

Alfalfa Leaf:

The leaves of this fantastic plant contain eight amino acids as well as calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, iron sulfides, choline, and beta-carotene. It is said to be an excellent source of Vitamins A, B, D, C, E, and K, as well as zinc and calcium. Alfalfa Grass is a source of saponins and antioxidants.


Green Papaya:

Green papaya contains two of the most powerful plant proteolytic enzymes: papain and chymopapain. These enzymes effectively break down proteins, fats, and carbs and support healthy digestion.


Ashwagandha Root:

The Ashwagandha root is primarily recognized for its adaptogenic properties. An adaptogen is a physiological agent with the ability to nourish the body. The body can better deal with daily emotional and physical stresses through this nourishment.



Raw Kelp seaweed is a source of mucilage, algin, mannitol, beta-carotene, zeaxanthin, iodine, bromine, and potassium, as well as volatile oils.


Cordyceps Mushroom:

Supports oxygen absorption by up to 40%, nervous system response during times of high stress, supports healthy lipid levels, a healthy immune system response, stamina & endurance levels, cardiovascular health, lung health, ATP production, and kidney function.



For Information on how you can get Superfood, text or call:

Nancy Reed at 903-271-4934

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